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While upfront costs may be higher, traditional retail businesses have some advantages to ecommerce platforms. These include:

The Ability to Sell Higher-Ticket Items
When customers can feel items, such as sit in furniture and test-drive cars, they tend to be more at ease with spending larger amounts of money. If theyare new to a particular brand, a storefront allows them to peruse the merchandise and feel comfortable with the company before making a purchase.

The Relationship between Owners and Consumers
While there are cost benefits to online chat, there is little match for the ability to talk about a purchase with an associate in a store. Real people, overall, tend to add to the positive nature of a shopping experience – which may keep customers coming back.

Investment in the Local Community
Many customers choose to patronize stores that are part of the local community. An online retailer can put a local address on its website; however, to be part of the neighborhood, it’s necessary to have a physical presence as well as a virtual one. Many retailers find that the investment of time and money into a storefront comes back to them in their increased bottom line.

The rise of Internet shopping and growth of off-price retailing are mega-trends reshaping the retail industry. Traditional U.S. retailers will be forced to emphasize low cost operations. As a result, retailers will have to look at their cost structure and decide how to be lean and competitive.

As credit card usage continues to grow, the cost of accepting credit cards puts additional pressure on operating performance and bottom line.

Accept Credit Cards Today

Our benefits to Retail Businesses:

  • Fast Set Up – Be up and running quickly to accept payments from your customers
  • Surcharge Compliant –Businesses are now permitted to assess a surcharge fee to individual cardholders, which helps offset the rising costs of accepting credit cards. There are exceptions including Signature and PIN debit cards
  • Reporting Capabilities –Integrated break-out on reports and unmatched visibility into your transactions and related payments
  • Customization – Customized reporting available based on individual business needs
  • Customer Service – Highly professional and responsive customer service

VitaPay is the leading payment card processing solution for merchants looking to improve their financial performance. We have deep industry knowledge in electronic payments and merchant platform technology.

We provide customized solutions, including surcharging, along with the highest quality of service, flexibility, and visibility to oversee performance. With our merchants, we Charge Ahead together.

Charge Ahead with VitaPay for Retail Business

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